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Hey, it's awesome that you have something you want to share with others and I really appreciate that you are taking the time to do it. Thank you!

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How does this work anyway?

I browse the web every day looking for Cinema 4D news, tutorials, videos and downloads. But I simply can't be everywhere and know everything. I can (and I often do) miss a lot of things.

So if you have something new or cool that you want to share with C4D community, just send me a link and preferably short description and I'll consider it for the next issue of C4D Weekly newsletter.

Keywords here are new and consider. I'm sorry but I mostly won't link to old stuff. This newsletter is supposed to be about stuff that happened or was released during last 7 days. Also please understand that it's ultimately my choice what I include in the newsletter every week.

That said, I would be delighted to hear from you. If you made something great let me help you share it with the world.