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My name is Luděk Roleček and I currently live in Brno, Czech Republic.

I do mostly graphic and web design for living but whenever I have a chance I'll spice it up with some video or animation project.

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Why this newsletter?

Even though I currently don't do 3D stuff as often as I'd like I was always passionate about it. I remember typing my first 3D scene for POV-Ray in the text editor on my first MS DOS PC. (Yes, you heard me. Typing 3D scene in the text editor.) I remember being amazed by insanely cool Imagine on Amiga. I played with 3D Studio 3 for DOS. I fell in love with Lightwave, first on Amiga and later on Windows. Finally couple years ago I ended up in warm, soft arms of Cinema 4D.

Like everything, Cinema 4D has many flaws. Yet I absolutely adore it for its simplicity and ease of use. Even people who never used Cinema 4D before can jump into it and produce cool animations in couple of hours. It's a brilliant piece of software. And my goal here is to spread the word, to let everyone know that I love Cinema 4D. And I want others to feel the same. That's why I made this newsletter. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

How the heck should I pronounce your name?

I realize how hard and cryptic my real name is for everyone who's not Czech. If for some reason you really want to know how to pronounce it I'll refer you to this pronunciation guide. But honestly, just call me Intie (pronounced as "in tea") which is the handle I use almost everywhere except that I don't own it on Twitter !@#$*! (sigh)