C4D Weekly - Issue #21

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A weekly round-up of Cinema 4D news, tutorials and downloads.

Issue #21 - December 1, 2012

Winter is upon us and I have a Christmas gift in mind. I'd like to put together collection of winter/Christmas freebies for our awesome Cinema 4D community.

I need your help with this though. If you have a model, scene, material preset, particle setup, or anything else with winter or christmas theme that you'd like to share, please e-mail me or contact me on Twitter.

There will be surprise waiting for one of the contributors :)

Something to Read and Watch

Saying NO

World renowned designer Jason Santa Maria talks about importance of "Saying NO". Every creative person should watch this, I promise you won't regret it.

After Effects Expert Angie Taylor on Why She Uses Cinema 4D

Angie Taylor is a well known artist, animator and author of many After Effects books and tutorials. Learn how she got into using Cinema 4D and what she finds so appealing about it.

Intelligence Gathered - Cinema 4D Used in Skyfall-inspired Spot

Read how Bradley Munkowitz and Navarro Parker used Cinema 4D to create UI graphics for spy screens in commercial inspired by the latest James Bond movie Skyfall.

ENVY C4D Scenes for VRay - Volume 2

10 ready to render fully textured scenes with professional shaders and lighting. All scenes are prepared for VRay 1.2.6 with Cinema 4D Release 12 and upwards.


Low Poly Theory

Sam Welker talks about creating low-poly look. Strictly speaking this video is not a tutorial but rather commented timelapse of his actual work. It's really interesting to watch Sam's creative process.

Getting a Low Poly Look in Cinema 4D

Speaking of low-poly, Nick Campbell shows a few different techniques in Cinema 4D to get the look of popular low-poly style.

Taping Cables Together with the Collision Deformer

Jamie Hamel-Smith shows great technique for taping wires/cables together. Jamie uses Collision deformer to make sure the tape is snugly applied to the wires.

Creating String-Like Animation Using Spline Dynamics

Fredric Furstenbach explains how to use Spline Dynamics and Wind to create an animation of shapes behaving like they are made of string.

Inflating an Object

Rory Martin gives a quick tip how to inflate the rubber ring he used in one of his previous tutorials.

Rigging Text with Joints

Seth Eckert shows how to animate folding letters using Cinema 4D character tools.

Import of Cinema 4D Particles into Plexus

Serge Mustu shows how to export Cinema 4D particles and use them in After Effects plugin Plexus.

Constraining Objects to a Surface

In this short tutorial, Jamie Hamel-Smith shows how to constrain objects to an uneven surface of another object.

Correction Deformer

Have you ever wondered what correction deformer does? Wonder no more because Glen Faught is here to explain how one of the most underrated C4D deformers works.

Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool

Jamie Hamel-Smith demonstrates a simple yet very effective technique for rounding, extruding, and detailing some simple pipes using Sweep Nurbs, Chamfer and Extrude.

Creating Pipes Follow Up: Measuring

Following his previous tutorial, Jamie Hamel-Smith shows how to measure distances for precisely placed cuts on a pipe that bends at arbitrary angles.

Rendering Diamond Rings in VRayForC4D

Dominik Dammelhart's tutorial on setting up materials and rendering diamond rings using VRayForC4D.

Randomly Changing PSR of Clones Using Formula Effector

Philipp Pavlov explains how he used Formula Effector in his latest project to randomly change direction of clones.

Mass Polygon Editing Using the Normal (Move, Rotate, Scale) Tools

Jamie Hamel-Smith shows a few different ways of using the Normal Tools in Cinema 4D.

Text Bursting from a Ball Pit

Rory Martin shows how to animate text bursting from a ball pool. He explains whole process from modeling and animating in Cinema 4D to compositing in After Effects.

R14 Quick Tip: Live Selection and Brush Tool Adjustment Shortcuts

Jamie Hamel-Smith describes new shortcuts for adjusting brush size in Cinema 4D R14.

Cinema 4D Programming

MAXON developers Frank Willeke, Yannick Puech, and Francesco Guazzi started a blog about developing scripts and plugins for Cinema 4D. Code examples are both in C++ and Python.

Plugins, Scripts, Presets

VRay Texture Pack v2

Over 150 high-quality VRay textures by Rendeking.it. All textures are seamless, 2048x2048 pixels. Costs $ 59.


Plugin by Matteo Porchedda for creating and animating electric special effects. Plugin doesn't generate bolts on its own; you have to create a spline and put Splinetricity tag on it. There are better plugins for generating more complex lightning effects but if you just need to animate electric bolt between two objects, this plugin is simple and cheap way to do it. Costs € 9.

Normal Map Gen

Plugin by Matteo Porchedda for automatic generation of normal maps from your images. Costs € 15.

Store/Restore Phong Angle Script

Free script by Bret Bays that you can use to globally change or disable Phong tags in your scene (or just on selected objects), and later restore everything back to its previous state.

Models, Textures, Freebies

Rigged Low Poly Santa & Rudolph

Wonderful, free low poly model of Santa and Rudolph by Alan Demafiles. Fully rigged and ready for animation.


Free faucet models by Guga Abramishvili, XPresso rigged, textured, and HDRI lit.

Old Dutch Tiles

Very cool material preset by Remco van der Meer.


Free skateboard model by Remco van der Meer. Model is untextured so you can practice your material making skills on it.

Gispen Chair

Free model of Gispen Chair by Remco van der Meer.


Playgrounds Fest 2012 Main Titles

Fantastic titles with creepy underwater look by Jordi Pagès, Gabor Ekes, and Markos Kay.

Mark Lindner Showreel 2012

Great collection of Mark Lindner's work from past couple of years.


Scott McPherson experiments with Thinking Particles and Ubertracer plugin.


Beeple's moving painting based on the works of LOCASTRO.

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